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Friday, 27 March 2015

One-a-penny, two-a-penny, hot plush buns!

My regular readers will have noticed that Easter is my favourite time of year. From Easter baskets to knitted and felt daffodils I always find time to make something special when spring starts springing. This year I decided to make something food and Easter related, for people who love my food bags and purses as well as for everyone who enjoys following my tutorials. So with that I present - the hot plush bun!

This plush hot cross bun is made entirely from felt and decorated with fabric paint. It would make a quick and easy craft project for your Easter weekend. 

You will need:
Tan or beige felt
White or cream felt
Dark brown felt
Gold and dark brown fabric paint
Polyester toy stuffing


Cut out the pattern pieces from felt using the templates on the PDF above.

Next mix your fabric paint. I used a combination of Tulip brown fabric paint and metallic gold fabric paint to create that 'golden brown' toasted colour.

Stipple the fabric paint onto the top of your bun  (the larger of the two felt squares) with a paint brush and then use a tissue to blot and smudge the paint until you create an even layer. Work from the centre of the square out, decreasing the amount of paint as you go. This should create a 'toasted on top' effect. Leave the top for at least an hour to dry. 

Create a cross for your bun with the two white felt strips. Machine or hand stitch them into position sewing as close to the edge of each strip as you can. Next add raisins. You can hand sew or glue these into place as above.

Lay the white side pieces in pairs face to face (raisins on the inside) and sew along the right side leaving half a centimetre seam allowance.

Open the paired side pieces up and sew them together on the left and right hand edges to create a square.

Open the square and pin the top, face down, into the opening. Sew around the top edge leaving half a centimetre seam allowance as before.

Pin the base of the bun into place as with the top, and sew around the top edge but this time leave one side open. Using this open seam turn the bun inside out. Stuff tightly with polyester toy stuffing.

Finally close the open seam by hand sewing the edges together using a ladder stitch. And you're done!

I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial. Please let me know if you have any comments or questions. I'd love to see pictures if you make your own hot plush buns!
Have a great Easter, 

Lots of love and luck, 

LL xx

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