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Monday, 27 April 2015

Slowing down and winding up

Today is the 27th of April, and if you follow me on Facebook you might know that today marks the close of the final Lucky Ladybird Lucky Dip giveaway. But for me today's date has another special significance, it's now a month until my baby's due date. Only 4 weeks left and so much to do! Here's a run down on what's going to be happening over the next few days as I wind up the business for my maternity leave:

This Wednesday 29th April I will visiting the Shop In The Square in Wolverhampton and picking up the last of my stock from them. I've been withdrawing my items from stockists for the past few months and SITS is my last remaining stockist. After Wednesday I'm sorry to say you won't be able to find my items available to buy from stockists, at least until 2016 anyway.

This Thursday 30th April is the last day of the 'Baby Madness' half price sale which has been running on my etsy store. If you haven't taken a look so far now is your last chance to grab a bargain!

Still available - the last purse and handbag set for only £29

Next week I'll be winding down the shop on my website. Officially my last day for taking orders is May 6th as my maternity leave starts on May 9th. I hope you'll understand that in my last few days of trading I'm only likely to have a few of my items ready to post out and that it might not be possible for me to complete last minute custom orders or orders for handbags. If you could email me at before placing an order I would be very grateful. Despite my best efforts I've found I've slowed down a lot in the last few weeks and I can only only imagine the tiredness increasing as the big day comes closer!

Thank you for your patience everybody, and thanks to everyone who has wished me and the baby ladybird well. Here's a little picture of me with the bump a couple of weeks ago. 

Love and luck, LL x

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