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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Yorkshire Tea Bag

Those of you who read my previous post on recycled notebooks may have noticed my fondness for Yorkshire Tea. I love to drink it, but I also love to reuse the colourful packaging. Imagine my delight then when the cafe where I work started buying Yorkshire Tea in bulk, bags of 480 at a time. I couldn't resist the chance to repurpose the colourful bags, and this is what I made with one.
This project was a fun bit of opportunistic crafting. I waited several weeks for the cafe to sell enough tea before I could take the bag home!

The bag itself is quite sturdy, but I wanted to make sure that the weight of anything inside would be carried by the fabric rather than the plastic. For this reason the bag has two linings - one of cotton and one of my favourite polka-dot fabric.

As you can see the handles are also lined with polka-dot fabric and I added buttons and a bow to give it little bit of flair. I also included a small pocket for my mobile phone.

Lots of people have been asking my about the possibility of making more of these bags, but I'm afraid the bags are too few and far between, even I couldn't use 480 teabgs on a regular basis, so for now this is just a one-off.

Thanks for reading, stay lucky

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