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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

January Knits

December was a bit of a crazy month, and because I was making so many Christmas presents for my family lots of my craft projects had to be put off until the new year. Luckily 2010 has brought with it more spare time, so more time to get knitting!

First on the list was a spiderman scarf for my lovely boyfriend. All the scarves I've knitted in the past have been made with super-chunky yarn, so knitting with a relatively fine yarn took a lot longer than I expected! I used spiderman's signature colours, red and blue, before adding decorative touches - the spiderman logo appliqued in felt and a spiderweb embroidered in wool.

As you can see it was very happily received!

When the scarf was finally finished I decided I wanted to knit something for the house, so I decided to make something sweet-smelling for the bathroom. I was really inspired by the knitted toybox blog and decided to use their sweet little bird pattern. It was really easy to follow and great fun to knit. Rather than just using stuffing I partly filled the bird's body with a scented bundle made with lime zest, ginger and bicarbonate of soda. He now sits in our bathroom giving out a lovely citrus-y smell. I call him the bathroom birdy.

That's all for now, but I'll be posting again soon with a bigger project if all goes to plan. I hope 2010 is lucky for you too!

x x x

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