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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

3. Land of the Giants

Dream three, Out on a walk we came across a big group of US marines guarding the entrance to a wind farm. We convinced one of them to show us what they were protecting, and following his directions I snuck around the wind turbines and found a hidden town of tree-houses populated by giants. Most of the people I met were children and assumed I was a small child. The marines spotted me and began to chase me through the school, which was huge and even had a basketball court.
Square three has taken the longest of all the squares so far because of the level of detail, but because of the detail and the opportunity I had to use some left-over fabrics from my collection this is also the square I'm most proud of.

It's the second month of the dream quilt and progress is good. I've been crunching some numbers and I've had 20 dreams since I started keeping records of them and have rendered 3 into fabric. My aim is that the quilt should be made up of 121 squares (11x11) and to keep things going it would be nice if I could record 11 dreams a month, that way I'll have enough dreams to sew by the end of the year. Unfortunately I don't have much control over the frequency of my dreams! Even if I succeed in this it still takes about 2 weeks to complete each square, so it might be 60 months (5 years) before all the squares are done! Oh well... time to get dreaming!

Good luck! x x x

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