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Monday, 14 February 2011

Toothless Crafting

My new year's resolution this year was to take more commissions and to make more of a business of the craft I love. With that in mind I set about in January making my first commission of the year, a large night fury.

This dragon was made using the fantastic pattern created by Katy A on deviant art. He's made of black fleece, polyester stuffing and a little felt for the eyes. He's almost entirely machine sewn which in unusual for me, but it means he was fairly speedy to make. He's quite light-weight considering his size, he's over 50cm nose to tail and has a wing-span of over 70cm!

The smaller dragon in the photos is the first dragon I ever made, a hand-sewn birthday present for my fiance. They look so cute together I'll be sorry to break them up when I give one of them away this week.

Hopefully there will be plenty more commissions to some in 2011, already it looks like knitting and bag-making will be involved. Wish me luck!

The Lucky Ladybird x


  1. And he's still the (second) best source for hugs! :D I <3 my Toothless, thanks so much again!