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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Nigiri rolls are here!

The last few days I've been adding some new kinds of sushi bags to my shop - nigiri sushi. Nigiri (hand-formed) sushi is a bed of rice topped with fish or sweet omlette and sometimes bound in place with a little strip of nori. The rectangular shape of nigiri sushi gave me the opportunity to work with square handbags and clutches.

This first bag is shrimp tail nigiri. The rice base is a little clutch bag and because it had two zip-pulls I was able to add two condiments, soy sauce and wasabi. More pictures here!

The second is a tako nigiri - octopus sushi! This is a larger bag, a full sized handbag with faux-leather handles. The zip-pull condiment for this bag is wasabi and the nori is a strip of fleece which you open with a popper. Take a look at the listing here!

Over the next few days I'm hoping to put together a couple of smaller nigiri, of a similar scale to my little maki roll purses. I also have a plan to make a roe maki roll using mini craft pom poms. If it works out I will show you how very soon.

Love and luck, LL x x x

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