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Monday, 1 July 2013

Food bags galore

Since moving full time into bag-making a lot of people I meet seem confused by what I do. Why would you make bags shaped like food? How did you come up with that crazy idea? Well it isn't just me. In fact it seems to me that a food-shaped accessory is just what everyone needs to brighten their day.

Check out this amazing Nacho Wallet made by Decor Craft Inc. (via Modcloth) . What I love about this wallet is that a taco is a perfect purse shape, flat underneath with a curved zip opening. The printed fabrics are also a stroke of genius, they almost make the purse look edible!
Decor Craft Inc. also make a cute set of iPhone covers including one that makes your phone look like an ice cream sandwich. It's almost enough to make me wish I had an iPhone.

And if you were wondering whether savoury bags were the way to go then consider this weird and wonderful invention, the 'Hambag'.

These bags are the brainchild of Hannah Havana, a member of the Garudio Studiage collective. The realism of these is brilliant, and yet something about the rubbery vinyl meat says 'dog toy' to me.

Okay, the main course is over, how about dessert?

The pattern to make this felt strawberry cheesecake purse is available to download from fairyfox on etsy. The strawberries are very cute, but if it was me I'd put some white seed beads on those!

And what about this 'Marie Antoinette cake purse' by ~tabithaemma on deviantart. A hundred bonus points for imaginative use of ric-rac!

But no post about novelty handbags would be complete without mentioning Judith Leiber, the handbag designer with a difference. Leiber's 'minaudières' (jewellery-like objects designed to work as clutch bags) come in all shapes and sizes including animals, household items and food. What better accessory to take to a wedding than a crystal wedding cake?


Sadly Judith Leiber's amazing designer creations are only available at a handful of exclusive locations, and the more decorative items cost between $4000 and $7000.

So it seems it's not just me creating food shaped bags. Whatever your taste in food you can find someone, somewhere crafting the perfect fashion accessory to meet your fancy. Join the revolution with me at the Lucky Ladybird shop where cake bags and sushi bags are the order of the day.

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