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Monday, 27 January 2014

New Moves For The New Year

Now Christmas is over I've been ringing the changes at Lucky Ladybird Craft. After a recommendation from a fellow crafter I decided to try supplying a new local stockist, the Tania Holland Gallery in Bridgnorth. The Tania Holland Gallery is run by the artist herself and everything inside is beautiful and well made. It's well situated on the most picturesque street in Bridgnorth on the route to the cliff railway, always a popular path for tourists to trace, and the focus on design and originality in the shop means my products look right at home there. Some of my more colourful items have been placed in the window this month and I know they've already created quite a stir locally, quite surprising given that January is meant to be a very quiet month on the high street!

The Tania Holland Gallery in Bridgnorth, just look out for the dog on wheels!

The presentation of some of the products in the THG was is so lovely that they gave me real food for thought. I decided to follow the good example of other local artists and crafters and package my smaller items on handmade backing cards. The new cards are designed so that a badge can be pinned to the section of fabric or a bag charm can be fastened through a narrow horizontal slot. Everyone who has seen these so far has said how professional they look, and I'm hopeful that they will also brighten up the table at my next crafting event.

A selection of bag charms on my new display cards

The cards turned out to be exactly the right size for display of a new range of badges I've just designed. Flat but with a 3D effect I've called them 'slice of cake' brooches. They're not available on the website yet as I've only made a few, but I think they should be perfect for the vintage fairs I will be attending later in 2014 as each of the 'plates' is decorated with appliqued vintage fabric

New 'slice of cake' brooches

'Slice of cake' brooches on display cards

 In the spirit of making my products look more professional I've also organised something this month that I've been meaning to do for a while and had some Lucky Ladybird fabric product labels made. These fabric labels are now sewn into all Lucky Ladybird products too large to fit on display cards, and they should mean that in the future anyone who buys or receives one of my bags or purses will be able to trace it back to 'The Lucky Ladybird'.

My new fabric labels
A fabric label sewn into the lining of a strawberry and cream swiss roll handbag

There's lots more to do this year and I'll be back very soon with news of a new Valentines Day product. Onwards and upwards!


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