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Thursday, 5 February 2015

A Baby Ladybird!

For my followers on Facebook and Twitter this will come as no surprise, but to everyone else I have a big announcement - I'm expecting a baby at the beginning of the summer! I'm currently six months pregnant and for the time being everything is (relatively) business as usual. I'm still trading through the online shop, recently completed a third commission for Mr Kipling Cakes and my items are still available to buy through my various stockists. However as my due date comes closer I'm going to be winding things down, and in May 2015 the business will be put on hold while I take maternity leave. To make sure none of this comes as too much of a surprise or disappointment here's a brief breakdown of how things are going to be wound up:

February 2015 - Stock will be withdrawn from Bridgnorth stockist The Tania Holland Gallery
March 2015 - Stock will be withdrawn from Shrewsbury stockist Urban Folk
April 2015 - By the end of the month stock will be withdrawn from Wolverhampton stockist Shop In The Square
The website will be open and I will continue to take online orders until Wednesday May 6th. After that time the website will still be available to browse but the online shop will be closed. Some stock may still be available to buy through my Rugby stockist the Rugby Art Gallery and Museum (subject to availability).

My current craft project, human life, is progressing well

To celebrate the big news, and to make sure the business goes out with a bang rather than a whimper, I'll be holding a lucky dip sale at the end of April, hosted through the Facebook page. Details to come closer to the time, but let's just say for now that there should be some never-to-be-repeated bargains available!

After my maternity leave starts I'm sure I'll have my hands full, but I promise not to drop of the radar completely. For starters I'll be maintaining this blog and I have lots of baby-related craft projects that I'm hoping to share once they're complete. I'm also hoping that the break will give me the chance to relaunch my business, streamline things and launch some new products by the time I get back to business at the beginning of 2016.

Right, time for a nap I think, and possibly also a biscuit.
Lots of love and luck from me and the bump,


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