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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Pumpkin Pincushion

This is a quick guide to creating a truly terrifying Halloween pumpkin pincushion. Pierce them through with pins or have them haunt your desk or Halloween table display.

First cut six identical leaf shapes around 3.5" in length from orange felt.

Sew the long edges of these pieces together in matching thread to create a ball shape, but leave one seam open. Turn the ball right side out.

Cut the eyes and mouth from black felt. For eyes cut matching triangles. For a mouth draw a zig-zag on the felt in chalk and cut around this to create a jagged jaw.

Arrange the features and sew them in place while the ball in still open at the back, only a couple of stitches will be needed to keep them in place. Next stuff the pumpkin with toy filling, or failing that cotton wool. When tightly packed join the final seam with a neat blanket stitch. Your creation is now almost alive!

Finally cut a thin strip of brown felt around 1.5" long and 0.5" thick. Roll this length up to create the stalk.

Secure this roll in place with a couple of stitches, but before tying off the thread press the stalk on to the top of the pumpkin and draw the needle through the body of the pumpkin and out of the bottom. Pull the thread tight to create the right pumpkin shape. Finally push the needle back up through the body of the pumpkin and secure the stalk. Pierced twice through the heart your should be a truly diabolical creation!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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