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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Curious Cushion

This week I finally got around to completing a craft project that I began about three years ago. Shameful really, but I came across this adorable fabric on sale in a local shop before we moved into our current house. At the time my favourite t-shirt was a the one pictured, a Curious George t-shirt, so when I saw this fleece that matched so perfectly I couldn't resist it!

At the time I wasn't sure what to make with it. There wasn't quite enough fabric to make a throw, so I considered making a big cushion cover, but we didn't have room for a large cushion at the time as we were living in a very cramped shared house. So I'm sorry to say the fabric was tucked away in a box, and although we took it with us when we moved I virtually forgot about it.

This weekend I came across the fabric again and decided it was time to make use of it. We have plenty of room now, and a nice big sofa to put cushions on.

I used some clear buttons from the button jar as fasteners so that the lovely colours show through.

It's so good to have the fabric on show after it was hidden away so long and it really brightens up the living room (which was almost in danger of looking like adults live here for a moment).

Truth by told it was lovely to make something this weekend that wasn't wedding related. I'm still slogging through making bunting because even though the full size bunting is finished (around 40 metres of the stuff) I'd like to use up the remainder of the fabric by making some mini table bunting. I'm also still on the hunt for potential centre pieces and other decorative touches. Happily there's still lots of time, about six months, before the big day.

Wish me luck (I think I'll need it!)


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